Saturday, 26 May 2012

Rudyard, Kate and Geraint

Congratulations Kate and Geraint!

What else could we play for Kate and Geraint's first dance on the shore of Rudyard lake but the beautiful waltz Midnight on the Water. The day had been very hot but by the evening a cool breeze had arrived so that the dancing was energetic enough during the Strip the Willow to provide the answer to that age-old question about a Scotsman and his kilt.

Sylvia's dances for your Moody Food Dance Card:

Kate and Geraint's First Dance (Midnight on the Water)
Glasgow Gallop
Goatland Square Eight
Discouraging Waltz / Ragtime Annie
Strip the Willow
Shebag an Shemor / Give me your Hand
The Old Swan Gallop
The Siege of Delhi / The Earl's Chair
The Dashing White Sergeant
Waterloo Dance
Circle Waltz
The Gravel Walks / Crowley's Reel
The Willow Tree
Geoff's Tune
The Gay Gordons
Circassian Circle
Patsy Geary's Jig

Can you see who it is?

A bicycle made for two.

Midnight(ish) on the water.
Save some for me.

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