Monday, 21 February 2011

Caverswall Castle, Anouska and Tim

Unfortunately this was probably our last wedding dance at Caverswall Castle which is a pity as it was a great venue even though the dance floor was very small. Roaming around the rooms upstairs provided a pleasant diversion between dances, although they didn't always offer jenga and twister!

Here are Sylvia's dances for your Moody Food Dance Card:

Anouska and Tim's first dance (Let's Stay Together)
Oxo Reel
Goatland Square Eight
The Humours of Scarrif
The Snowball
Discouraging Waltz / Ragtime Annie
Circle Hornpipe
Circle Waltz
Waterloo Dance
The Siege of Delhi / The Earl's Chair
Postman's Knock
Stoke Golding Country Dance
Shebag an Shemor / Give me your Hand
Simple Longways Set
The Gravel Walks / Crowley's Reel
Polka Off
Circassian Circle


Friday, 11 February 2011

Ashbourne, Empire Ballroom

Bagpipes, kilts, haggis, neaps and tatties – it must be the annual Burns Night bash in Ashbourne again.

The programme for the night.

Behind the Haystack / Merrily Danced the Quaker's Wife
The Siege of Delhi / The Earl's Chair
Cutting Bracken / The Connaughtman's Rambles / My Love in the Morning 
Ashbourne and District Pipe Band
The Gay Gordons
A Highland Welcome
Ashbourne Scottish Dance Club
The Dashing White Sergeant
Eightsome Reel
Ashbourne and District Pipe Band
Address to the Haggis (Warwick Adams)
Supper accompanied by Jonathan and Jessica Whilock on Uileann and Small Pipes
Drum Salute
Ashbourne Fling
Robert Burns' poetry (Warwick Adams)
The Dashing White Sergeant
Pipe Major James Dungavel
Prize Draw
Cumberland Reel
Drops of Brandy
Auld Lang Syne
Awa Hame

Great chieftan o' the pudin-race!

Friday, 4 February 2011

Keele University

A little jaunt down memory lane for most of the band as we returned to Keele for the retirement ceili of Prof Peter Croft (I've no idea as to the significance of the number 7). The food was fantastic and the the old Horwood refectory, or the Ballroom as it's now known, unrecognisable to the alumni in the band (I'm sure Keele is only too pleased to know that I've made such a success of my life).

Here's Collin's dances for your Moody Food Dance Card:

Behind the Haystack / Merrily Danced the Quaker's Wife
The Snowball
Thady U Ganda
The Gay Gordons
Lucky 7
Discouraging Waltz / Ragtime Annie
Nova Scotia
Clopton Bridge
Virginia Reel
Old Swan Gallop
Foula Reel
Cumberland Square Eight
Circasian Circle
The Cock o' the North